Using environment friendly “GREEN” Bio-Ethanol Gel as a fuel source to create a lovely and tranquil setting for any home.

A tranquil flame where you would never have expected one.

Enjoy the cozy feel of a real fire any time without all the difficulty involved with a wood-burning fireplace. This gel fueled fireplace requires no chimney, so it can be added to or removed from any room at any time! The Tranquility Hearth burns only natural 100% ecologically sound alcohol gelled fuel...no smoke, no soot, and no ash cleanup.

It will add dramatic flair to the atmosphere at your next party, whether you choose to use it indoors or out. It also works as a cozy heater by utilizing basic convection principles.

See video demonstration of the Hearth on YOUTUBE.

A clean burning, smokeless alcohol fuel provides an attractive flame that is wickless, non-toxic, and so easy to maintain. To extinguish place the lid on top of the flame.

Each 30oz. bottle of gel fuel provides up to 2 hours of strong bright flame adding decorative flair to indoor special occasions, or to provide elegant yet inexpensive lighting to your outdoor deck or patio. It produces a beautiful 7 inch vibrant yellow flame and has a crackling sound for a realistic effect.

Each TRANQUILITY HEARTH is hand crafted in California by local artisans and one of a kind.

Visit the "GALLERY" page for some ideas on how to use the Tranquility Hearth

SUNJEL Pourable Alcohol Gel Fuel:

- No smell.
- Made with pure Alcohol, water, salt and thickeners.
- Produces the lowest Carbon monoxide of any gel: 1.5 parts per million. The USA Standard is 55 parts per million.
- No Methanol or MIBK in the product like some other brands.
- No Soot.
- Easy and safe to light, no Flare up. Slow start, and after 30 seconds a 7 1/2-inch brilliant yellow flame.
- No venting necessary with this product.
- OSHA and EPA approved. Safer than burning a candle.
- Fuel makes a realistic crackling sound without emitting any odor.

SUNJEL Pourable Gel Fuel can be purchased online @ www.northlineexpress.com

Table Top Hearths currently available for sale:
(information updated daily)

These one of a kind designs can be purchased at The Great American Framing Company
in Palo Alto, or ordered online or by phone. Shipping prices upon request.
Visit us and ask for DEMONSTRATION!!!

STS - 10.7     $ 495.00     W - 11"     L - 19"     H - 4 1/2"     (appox. 20 LB)

WS - 10.18     SOLD     W - 12 1/4"     L - 19 1/2"     H - 5"     (appox. 20 LB)

WS - 10.25     SOLD     W - 12 1/4"     L - 19 1/2"     H - 5"     (appox. 20 LB)

WCO - 10.19     SOLD     W - 12 1/4"     L - 19 1/2"     H - 4 3/4"     (appox. 20 LB)

STS - 10.22     SOLD     W - 11"     L - 19"     H - 4 1/2"     (appox. 20 LB)

WCO - 10.20     $ 595.00     W - 12 1/4"     L - 19 1/2"     H - 5"     (appox. 20 LB)

WCO - 10.21     SOLD     W - 12 1/4"     L - 19 1/2"     H - 5"     (appox. 20 LB)

STS - 10.23     $ 525.00     W - 11"     L - 19"     H - 4 1/2"     (appox. 20 LB)

STS - 10.24     SOLD     W - 11"     L - 19"     H - 4 1/2"     (appox. 20 LB)


The Great American Framing Company
229 Hamilton Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94301
phone: 650/327-4521 (10 am - 6 pm / pacific time)

Jamil Khayrulin
phone: 415/265-4026     e-mail: jaytekdesign@sbcglobal.net


- Place your Hearth in a safe and secure non-flammable area.
- Use Pourable Alcohol Gel Fuel.
- Scented Fuel is for Outdoor Use Only.
- Shake Gel Fuel well and pour slowly.
- Fill fuel reservoir up to 2/3” of its volume: do not overfill.
- Clean any spills with water before lighting.
- Use only a long match or extended lighter to start flame.
- Do not attempt to move or touch unit while burning.
- Do not obstruct or inhibit flame.
- Use Flame Snuffer included with each Hearth to extinguish flame, do not use water.
- Allow to cool before moving Hearth.
- Store Gel Fuel in a cool dry place.

Cleaning and Relighting:
Clean the exterior of your Hearth with a wet sponge or damp cloth, wipe dry and put a light coat of cooking oil for rust protection. Do not use any harsh chemicals.
If you have leftover gel in the reservoir it may develope a slight crust on the top surface. Stir existing gel with a plastic or wooden stick before pouring additional fuel into the reservoir. Relight it as usual with a long match or fire starter.
To clean the stainless steel (or brass) canister, simply fill it with warm water for 30 minutes then scrape inside of the cup with a small putty knife. Use fine gauge steel wool for further cleaning. Rinse canister with water, dry before adding more gel into reservoir. Please be sure to wash hands after every cleaning.

Never leave a burning Hearth unattended.
Do not mix fuel with any other substance.
Do not use for cooking purposes.
Do not add fuel when lit and never pour gel on an open fire or hot surface.
Always place Hearth in a secure non-flammable area and do not obstruct or inhibit flame.
Always burn in a well ventilated area.
To prevent damage to the Hearth in cold or wet climates bring indoors when not in use.
Use pourable gel fuel within one year of purchase.
Do not burn in a confined space, (such as closet or car), the flame consumes oxygen.

This cross-section photograph shows the safety of the Hearth's design. Note ample
air-space between the walls of the fuel tank and interior surfaces of the wooden base.